Here's The Full Story

The darnedest thing happened…

A few years back when I was 21, I was reading the book,’The One Minute Millionaire’, and in it, it tells the story of a guy from New Jersey, who in the 1980’s sold old pieces of the famous Brooklyn Bridges walkway timber. He went about creating 5” x 11” certificates outlining the history of the bridge, attaching a small piece of the timber and selling them for upto $5000 each (yep, $5000 for a 1″ piece of timber) … and word around the campfire is that he made like $2 million from it…

Obviously as a young Trump-wanna-be I loved this idea, and started to think how I could rip this idea off replicate and implement it here in Australia – it was a much better idea then pinching golf balls off the local pitch-n-putt to resell.

After racking my brain for about 10mins, I realised the Melbourne Cricket Ground was under reconstruction and the Ponsford Stand had just been ripped down… On the back of a few phone calls and newly-found entrepreneurial-confidence I was able to track down the wrecking company which was demolishing the Ponsford stand (at this stage the Members Pavilion had not been touched), who informed me they had a significant amount of timber from the seating and flooring as hoped…

However to my amazement they also had a considerable amount of the world famous MCC Crested Carpet – which originally lay in the members dining room. You know the world famous carpet, the one that has been walked on by the greats – Don Bradman and EJ Whitten etc etc… The same carpet that graced the MCC Members Long Room – the most loved watering hole in all of sport.

So after rushing down the western highway the following morning to view the magnificent carpet just lying in the corner of the wreckers’ warehouse I took all the remaining crested carpet, along with a mass of timber.

From there I put together a team of framers and couriers, to create a series of limited sports memorabilia with a photo of the ‘G, a plaque outlining the historic grounds story and a unique piece the MCC Crested Carpet…. wrote a press release with the headline ‘21 Year Old Sells MCG For Under $500‘ and the wave of media hit with force…. and so did the initial series of sales.

Since that venture a few years back, the remaining carpet has been living (safely and securely) in my mums garage which I am constantly reminded about every time I visit…. so as a ‘gift to mum’ I decided to sell the remaining few pieces of the MCG’s famous crested carpet and clear out her garage…

I tried for about three years, on various occasions, to team up some of Australia s leading sports memorabilia stores/dealers, but they either wanted to screw me down and buy the carpet at the same price they buy the printed posters they sell; or screw you guys and sell the frames for over $1200!!

I wouldn't have a bar of that, so I decided to re-release the MCG Framed series in April 2010 online.

Everything was going really well with the launch until...

Apparently, the MCG means so much to Australia, that the 1999 government decided that it needed it own Parliamentary ACT, just like the Goods & Services ACT of 2000 a real set of parliamentary passed documents, called the Melbourne Cricket Ground Act 2009, that spell out a bunch of stuff specific to the 'peoples ground'

The MCG people where real nice about the whole thing ... and after some quick changes to the whole launch, to comply with this ACT, everything went really really well.

So well in fact that the launch generated a new bunch of publicity, and a tonne of emails and from people wanting to own a piece of the G. Countless number of people were describing how in the past they've been disappointed with the available memorabilia. It's either been too expensive, too cheap and tacky, not authentic, too commercialised.

Here is one email that blew my mind about signed memorabilia:

So with that.... we sold the frames for $795 each

At the end of the re-launched project, as I've done numerous times over the past few year I threw one of the seemed unframed pieces of MCC Crested Carpet up on eBay to get a feel for the market value of the historic carpet unframed.

I often get asked by people all over the country how much a unframed piece is, as they want to have the authentic piece of history framed a certain way.

Well, the most recent piece of the 'G sold on ebay for $152. 50
check ou the finished ebay listing here

So whether you (or a family member) are a cricket or football fan, you would be aware of the importance and symbolism the MCG represents to all Australians and understand an opportunity to own a piece of the Peoples Ground come around every day – plus there isn’t that many pieces left at mums!!

Now you have the opportunity to own a piece of this authentic Australian sporting history, make your family and friends jealous and help me win some browny points with mum…

As you know, the really cool thing is that the MCC Crested Carpet isnt another one of those pieces of sporting memorabilia thats been manufactured simply to be collectable. This is a unique piece of the original & authentic carpet that graced the MCC Members Dining Room in the Ponsford Stand before its demolition in 2003.

Make sure you purchase your piece now.. before they all run out ... and just like the framed pieces I am offering my full 100% money back guarantee.


If after 90 days it just isn t what you expected friends dont stop and stare or clients are no longer gazing at it you can return it for a full refund

Just return the entire piece in its original condition along with your tax invoice and I ll refund the full amount you paid.


For More Information Contact: Preneur Group Pty Ltd
Suite 2, 276 St Kilda Rd
St Kilda Victoria 3182

A Strickly Limited Opportunity To Own A Piece Of Authentic Australian Sports Memorabilia - The Melbourne Cricket Ground Crested Carpet